LCCMedia Foundation got  a grant with New Horizon Seniors to deliver painting sessions to seniors. The terms of the grant include hosting podcasts sessions with seniors asking them about their experiences in the pandemic. The last component of the grant is to create a magazine from the conversations had with our seniors. We are working hard at recruiting seniors for the podcast and the magazine. If you would like to nominate a senior or get involved, please email:

We had a very warm conversation with Yvonne and Vindel Chang.

They are seniors who live in Calgary. They are also entrepreneurs. They manufacture Daddy C’s authentic Jamaican sauce. This is an authentic Jamaican jerk sauce that ships across the world. They supply to stores in Alberta and across Canada. Vindel Chang is a chef and he had always wanted to make sauces but the time came a couple of years ago when they started the sauce. The downside was that as soon as they launched, Covid 19 struck. They had to navigate running their new business in the middle of a global pandemic.

They have no boring moment as their lives revolve around marketing and manufacturing Daddy C sauce.  During this interview what was obvious was their love for each other. They have been together for decades and they had tips for how to maintain a successful marriage. You want to listen to their optimism and hope for the future.


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