Register To Volunteer for Free Tax Clinic

LCCMedia Foundation, in partnership with Dexteritas Inc, is excited to announce that they are looking for volunteers to run their Free Tax Clinic in 2023.

This year, they have added an additional location: Calgary.

In 2023, LCCMedia Foundation will be operating from two locations. Edmonton and Calgary. It is not clear where the location in Edmonton will be. We can confirm that they have secured a location in Calgary.

The Calgary location will be shared with the public at a later date.

Register To Volunteer for Free Tax Clinic
Register To Volunteer for Free Tax Clinic

The CEO of LCCMedia Foundation, Tayo Elnathan, said, “she is excited about the 2023 tax clinic but that they were still needing and looking for volunteers to perform various functions and roles”.

She confirmed that the Foundation “still needs tax preparers, administrative staff who can help with the onboarding process, customer service and others with pertinent skills.”

You can register here to volunteer for the 2023 Free Tax Clinic.

Email: for more information.

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