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Wow, Spring is almost here, which means as women, we have survived Christmas, Blue Monday, Black History Month, Black Mental Health Week, and soon International Women’s Day! Phew!  The question is:  how do we do it?!?!


There are some days or even weeks when I wonder how I manage my self-perceived, peer perceived and actual responsibilities. However, I remember that boundaries are my superpower. Boundaries are often advertised as how we say “no”, but healthy boundaries are how we say
“yes” to ourselves because they create standards on how we are treated and find success. So how, as women, do we say “yes” to ourselves with everything going on in our lives?  Thankfully, there are solutions:


  •     Schedule a physical activity that is a non -negotiable.

Zumba once a week? A Monthly Afro Dance with the Black Canadian Woman in Action? Free Yoga Classes?

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate!

This looks different for everyone, but what can you or who can you delegate to give you a few extra moments a week/day? 

  Note: I love Evive smoothies as it helps with my Iron intake and saves prep time.

  • Sleep 

Ok, this can sound crazy when the to-do list is never-ending, but that pause will help you attack the list more efficiently. Even 15 minutes will help!!!

  •        Remember, perfection comes in imperfection.

I have stopped counting the times I lost sleep and became frustrated trying to achieve others’ expectations. Your kid’s unique costume? No one will know if you used glue instead of sewing. What is your volunteer board deadline? They will appreciate the transparency when you ask for help or say this was all I could do. 


I promise you; the world will not end if you do not try the above! You will actually reduce your anxiety, create new relationships, and get some sleep if you do try at least one!


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