Community Tax Free Clinic opens in Calgary

LCCMedia Foundation is excited to announce that they will offer a tax-free community clinic in Calgary.

The service will operate on Tuesdays to Thursdays from the Calgary Full Gospel Church. They will open from 10 am till 430pm. Last year, the Foundation, sponsored by the Edmonton Community Foundation and Africa Centre, helped over 350 people to file their taxes in Edmonton. This is the first time they are offering the service in the city of Calgary.

The Executive Director of the Foundation, Tayo Elnathan, said in a meeting with volunteers that: “she is hoping Calgarians know that help is here for low-income and modest incomes earners to file their taxes.” She added that the threshold is $50k annual income. Volunteers will be able to help with accessing your benefits.

You can begin the virtual process by emailing:

The centre will offer in-person appointments, virtual appointments and drop-off services.

The number to call to book the service is (403) 554 2861.

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