Alla Ternikova joined the Seniors Lit Show yesterday to talk about being a senior and what she does to keep busy during the pandemic.

Alla migrated to Canada when she was 27 years old. She is a Jew who migrated from the old Soviet Union before it was disbanded. She told stories about how her maternal grandparents were traumatized and how they survived during the 2WW. She spoke to the fact that when she was growing up, Jews were treated as second class citizens.

When she landed in Canada, she could not speak English, she had to start all over again learning how to speak  English through her children who were going to school. No one is more Canadian than Alla. With cultural ties to Cuba, Turkey and a multitude of other nations, Alla is indeed a quintessential Canadian. She is well versed in the cultures of the people around her.  She rose through societal ranks  volunteering at a Community League becoming the President of a Community League in Edmonton for nearly a decade.

She is a voracious reader and with her husband, she does not feel too isolated. She just misses like all of us the ability t0 mingle with her friends like she used to. She is also a skillful dancer, she loves dancing so much that dancing is one of her past time activities during the lockdown.

You will thoroughly enjoy listening to Alla talk about her life and hopes for the future.

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