Mr Yash Sharma


The Seniors Lit Initiative is a flagship program of LCCMedia Foundation.   

With the help of  a much needed grant, the Foundation is charged with  running painting sessions for seniors and curating content about how seniors coped in the pandemic for a magazine exclusively for seniors. In this media chat, we spoke to Yash Sharma  the publisher of the only multilingual publication for Asians in Edmonton: the Asian Tribune.

Mr. Sharma is also a financial adviser, producer and community leader. He migrated to Edmonton from India in 2008 and since then he has poured his heart into giving back to the community.

He is an advocate for communities, he is a philanthropist helping people – regardless of where they are from – to settle in Canada or to find the necessities they need. His mantra for life is ‘be good’ and ‘help others’. He owes a lot of thanks to the Canadian government and society. Insisting, that Canada is a multicultural society, he lists examples of multiple times he has experienced kindness and civility from Edmonton society.

He is also a politician with strong affiliation to the Alberta Advantage Party.

The pandemic has been rough for Mr Sharma. He did say that there where the good bits and bad bits about the pandemic. The pandemic has slowed Mr Sharma down considerably allowing him time to watch Bollywood movies and spend quality time with  his two year old grand son. He had no dull moment before the pandemic as his time was deeply vested in various community interests and engagements. He remains optimistic that the pandemic will come to an end and life as we knew it will return to normal.




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