Mrs. Moji Taiwo joined us last night on the Seniors Lit Show to talk about life after the pandemic, what the pandemic was like for her and much more. It is always refreshing talking with Mrs Taiwo. She is a lively sage whose generosity with her time is one we deeply appreciate. She did say that the pandemic allowed her grow in many ways she did not expect.

With the bad, always come the good. And the pandemic certainly brought some good things as well. It is always best to focus on the good things in life rather than dwell on the bleak and sad things.The art of true living is finding happiness in the midst of everyday darkness and not letting the darkness consume us.

This is the summation of our conversation.

A little bit about Mrs Moji Taiwo

Moji Taiwo was born in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.  As a young lady, she immigrated to Canada in 1978. She is a mother of three adult, professional children and a proud grand mother to three beautiful grandsons. Moji is passionate and committed to the development and success of young people and happiness of their parents. Moji also have extensive experience in facilitation and public speaking.

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