LCCMedia Foundation is pleased to announce its first community workshop designated to answer all your questions pertaining vaccines, second doses, effects of the vaccine and so on. The Community Forum will be hosted by the Canada Home Care Group.

The Foundation will host three workshops in total. The workshops will be interpreted into Shona. Somali and Pidgin

Community Forum by LCCMedia Foundation with Canada Home Care Group

languages respectively. The campaign feeds into a wider narrative by the Government of Canada collaborating with communities to promote vaccine confidence and adherence to public measures. The dates for the community workshops are  July 30th, August 13th and August 27th. All events will start at 6pm and will run for an hour.

Here is a link to register:

Furthermore, in partnership with Foundation for Black Communities and Edmonton Community Foundation, we are tackling vaccine hesitancy as part of a 40 day  campaign. Every day for the next 40 days, we would be sharing  posts on vaccine literacy and hopefully address vaccine hesitancy across black African communities.

Here is what we need you to do, register for the workshop here:


Have you been vaccinated? If yes, can you share with us why you chose to get vaccinated? Our email is

We can not wait to hear from you!



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