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The Canada child benefit, or CCB for short, is a tax-free monthly payment that helps with the cost of raising children.

You may be eligible for the CCB if you live with a child and are responsible for that child’s daily activities and needs.

Depending on your child’s age and your family’s net income, you can get up to $6,765 per child under six and up to $5,708 per child aged 6 to 17 each year.

The CCB is paid to the primary caregiver of an under 18.

The CCB payment will increase in July 2021 to keep up with the increased cost of living.

To get the CCB, you have to be a resident of Canada for income tax purposes.

You or your spouse or common-law partner must also meet one of the following statuses in Canada. You must be:

  • a Canadian citizen,
  • a permanent resident,
  • an Indigenous person who meets the definition of “Indian” under the Indian Act,
  • a protected person,
  • or a temporary resident who has lived in Canada for 18 months before applying and holds a valid permit.

Applying for the CCB will also register your child for most related provincial or territorial child benefit and credit payments.

If you live in Quebec, additional assistance to help with the cost of raising a family is available. However, you will need to apply separately through Retraite Québec to get these provincial child assistance payments.

Now, I’ll talk about how you can apply for the CCB…

How do you get the CCB?

New residents of Canada can apply for the CCB by filling out two forms and mailing them to the CRA.

The two forms are:

  • Form RC66, called Canada Child Benefits Application, and
  • Schedule RC66SCH, Status in Canada and Income Information for the Canada Child Benefits Application.

If your children weren’t born in Canada, you’d have to send us proof of birth with your forms. This document shows the child’s full name and dates of birth, such as a photocopy of a birth certificate or a birth registration. A list of all the documents you can provide is found on the back of Form RC66.

If you came to Canada under challenging circumstances and have difficulty getting this paperwork, call the CRA at the number shown at the bottom of your screen. We may be able to suggest other documents to send us.

On the schedule, you will have to include information about your and your spouse or common-law partner’s residency and citizenship and immigration statuses.

You’ll also need to provide your income from all sources not reported on a Canadian tax return for up to two years, depending on the date you became a resident of Canada.

You have to include income information, even if it’s zero. The CRA needs this information to calculate your payments.

If you’re eligible, it will take about 11 weeks to get your first CCB payment. To avoid delays, please make sure to include all of the information requested on your application.

You only have to apply once to get the CCB for a child, but if you have another child, you’ll have to send another application for them.

The mother should apply for the CCB if the child lives with their mother and father in the same home.

The father can apply, but he will need to include a letter from the child’s mother saying he is the child’s primary caregiver.

If the child lives with same-sex parents, only one parent should apply for the CCB.


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