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LCCMedia Foundation and Dexteritas Inc are pleased to announce that they will be launching a free tax clinic from the 15th of February 2022.

From their work in the community, they observed a gap in financial services and literacy in low-income or modest income earners. There is a wide variety of people, newcomers, unemployed individuals and seniors, who do not have access or find it difficult to gain access to filing their taxes by a qualified accountant or professional who is from their community.

These people are identifiable in predominantly immigrant communities: Somalian, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Kenyan communities to mention a few. With the collaboration with African Center, we can access these communities and offer a free tax clinic, a much-needed service to them.

Community Free Tax Clinic | LCCMedia Foundation
Community Free Tax Clinic | LCCMedia Foundation

The project is sponsored by the Edmonton Community Foundation – ECF. Most people know that the Edmonton Community Foundation are the heartbeat of the city. They are passionate about helping people and organisations reach their goals.

The project is being facilitated by Africa Centre and they need no introduction.

LCCMedia Foundation has worked in Edmonton’s communities since 2019 creating workshops for youths, designing programs for women and now providing free tax service for low income members of the community.

Dexteritas Inc is a fully serviced accountancy firm based in Calgary. They will be partnering with LCCMedia Foundation to deliver the free tax service to Edmontonians.

Low income means you earn $40k or less per annum as an individual.

For more information:

Contact: LCCMedia Foundation Low-Income Free Tax Clinic

Call: 780-860-3229


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